With an astonishing 6 billion mobile devices expected to be circulating worldwide by 2020, there’s an exceedingly good chance you have a smart something or other a few yards away right now. That also means you have access to the largest – and fastest-growing – segment of the gaming market.

But with hordes of mobile games arriving with little fanfare on a weekly basis, trying to figure out what, exactly, you should be playing on your iPhone or Android device is a daunting task. Still mindlessly crushing candy? Tired of catching ‘em all? Then put your thumbs to good use and try something new – like these 10 awesome, brand new titles:

“Teen Titans GO! Figure”

(iOS, Android | $3.99)

The Teen Titans are here to … save their toy line from being canned.

The pint-sized crime-fighters are out to save the world again – or at least save their toy line from being discontinued. That means scouring the world for over 100 collectable titans, building potent squads and engaging in the same turn-based battles as the hit original. A laugh-out-loud D.C. Comics jokefest from start to finish, “GO! Figure’s” slick visuals and slyly strategic gameplay will entertain kids and grown-up geeks alike. If you fancy yourself a fan of superheroes, it deserves a prime spot in your collection.


(iOS, Android | $3.99 )

‘Holedown’ is a like ‘Brickout’ but with digging. So awesome.

Bust bricks in this irresistible “Breakout”-style game. Your task: burrow to the tasty center of various planets by flinging balls at numbered blocks. Hit a block enough times and it vanishes. Sounds simple, but a clever upgrade system keeps you evolving and polished delivery makes smashing bricks enormously satisfying. Can you dig it?

“Asphalt 9: Legends”

(iOS, Android | Free)

‘Asphalt 9’ brings improved looks and controls to the long-running series.

The latest version of Gameloft’s long-running mobile racer got more than a fresh coat of paint – it got…

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