The temperature in much of the U.S. has officially surpassed the surface of the Sun, which means it’s too hot to do anything but shut off the lights and blast the AC while you try to cool off.

So while you hang out in your undies with your head stuffed in your freezer, why not take the opportunity to spruce up some of the most used gadgets?

Yes, like your home, devices like your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop and even your smartwatch deserve a good cleaning every once in a while. Whether it’s clearing out unused apps, backing up your files online or reformatting your device and starting fresh, tidying up your hardware can improve its performance and free up much-needed space.

So, grab your favorite gadget and let’s start cleaning.

Delete those old apps

The summer just started, but it’s already too hot to do anything but venture out long enough to buy margarita mix and 64 individually wrapped slices of American cheese.

After the deep freeze that was out winter, you probably ended up downloading a slew of new apps to pass the time that you’ve since given up on.

Delete your unused apps.

Now that the summer has arrived, it’s the best time to get rid of all of those apps you swore you’d use, but never did. I’m talking about the apps for video services you used once, apps for organizing your finances that you got halfway through signing up for before quitting or apps for the gym you swore you were going to join.

Now they’re just sitting there, on your phone, tablet or computer, taking up space. So get rid of them. Clear them out and free up some space on your devices. Remember, you can always re-download them if you want.

Backup and delete your photos

We take a stunning number of photos and videos on our smartphones, and if you’re a parent in your 50s, with your tablet. Unfortunately, all of those selfies and accidental selfies take up a ton of space on your devices. Videos in particular will chew through your storage in no time if you don’t…

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