Google’s (GOOG, GOOGL) Home is one of the best smart speakers on the market thanks to its ability to call on the company’s expansive search capabilities and knowledge graph, which connects all of your interactions with the company. But when you want to do more than just listen to the soothing sounds of Google Assistant’s voice, you’re out of luck.

Which is where Google’s Smart Displays come in. Similar to Amazon’s Echo Show, Google’s Smart Displays provide you with a visual look at Google search results for things like the weather, your calendar and YouTube videos. You can also cast video from your phone to your Smart Display, which essentially allows it to double as a small television.

Google is working with several manufacturers to produce Smart Displays, but Lenovo’s Smart Display is the only one currently available for purchase. At $199 for a model with an 8-inch display and $249 for a 10-inch panel, the Lenovo Smart Display is pricier than Amazon’s (AMZN) Echo Show, regularly $229 but on sale for $129, and supports fewer smart devices. Despite that, Lenovo still offers the smarter, Smart Display.

Google gets a screen

The Google Home is an impressive smart speaker. I’ve had one plugged in at my apartment in one form or another since it launched in 2016. That’s because the Home gives me pretty much everything I can ask for in a smart speaker. It offers plenty of intelligence, plays the music I want and lets me cast video content to my TV.

But ever since Amazon’s Echo Show came along — with its 7-inch screen that displays everything from the weather forecast, to recipes, to song lyrics, and even “Jeopardy” games — I was hooked. Even though it was fairly ugly, the Show was my go-to smart speaker.

The Lenovo Smart Display can be used in landscape or portrait modes.

Now? I’m all about the Lenovo Smart Display. Being able to watch YouTube videos, cast apps to the Display’s screen, and still ask all of the ridiculous questions I…

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