Is waiting five minutes to get your coffee at the drive-thru too much for you to handle? Then the Marketplace app from General Motors (GM) might be exactly what your incredibly harried existence needs.

Available in select GM vehicles, the app lets you order and pay for food from places like Dunkin’ Donuts (DNKN), the restaurant formerly known as IHOP (DIN), Wingstop (WING) and others without leaving the driver’s seat.

What’s more, you can easily locate and pay for gas from your infotainment system. Unfortunately, this feature is still in beta and didn’t quite work for me when I tested it out in the GMC Terrain Denali — though that should change in the future.

It’s an interesting offering, but it will have little sway over which vehicle you ultimately decide to purchase.

The setup

Setting up the Marketplace app proved burdensome in my brief experience. First, I had to create a profile via my test vehicle’s IntelliLink infotainment system. Then I had to download the Marketplace app from the in-dash app store.

You can quickly place and pay for your favorite orders from the app.

Once that was finished, I had to link each service I wanted to use to the Marketplace app. To do that, I had to tap the appropriate icon for Dunkin’ Donuts, Applebee’s or IHOP, which then generated an on-screen message that prompted me to check my email for instructions to connect my accounts to Marketplace.

From there I had to sign up for online accounts for each business, after which I was finally able to link them.

If GM wants Marketplace to take off as a destination for consumers, it needs to do something to make this setup process smoother. Ideally, the company would develop a way for customers to log into their various restaurant and gas station apps through one portal rather than making them complete the process over and over again.

On the road

The idea behind Marketplace is to give drivers the ability to order their favorite drinks and snacks from places like Dunkin’…

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