Until recently, if you wanted to buy a drone under $1,000, your research probably went like this: “Hmmm… which DJI model do I want?”

That’s because the Chinese company DJI is the Microsoft of the drone world. It’s the 800-pound gorilla of the industry.

Now, however, there’s been an attack from the French.

Parrot has been making fun little semi-toy drones for years. But its new Anafi drone ($700, named after a beautiful Greek island) is practically a cruise missile aimed at DJI’s Mavic drones. It offers seven features that DJI doesn’t—and some of them are brilliant.

The Parrot Anafi drone ($700) is a joy to fly.

Meet the Anafi

Like the DJI Mavic, the Anafi’s insecty legs fold up against the body for travel—and they all flip out the same way. (On the Mavic Air, two of the legs flip one way, two the other.) You get a carrying case as part of the package—10.8 x 3.5 x 3 inches, about the size of a water bottle. Including the controller, the whole package weighs only 2 pounds, which is much lighter than a Mavic setup.

Because the Anafi is long and skinny, though, the resulting package is bigger in your backpack than the Mavic—especially when you add the included remote control, which is glorious to hold but bulky. (You can fly the drone with the phone alone, but not nearly as far.)

The complete Anafi kit weighs only 2 pounds.

So what are the seven improvements?

  • The built-in 4K video camera can rotate upa first on a consumer drone. That is, it can look down, straight ahead, or upward (you control it with a flipper on the remote). That’s handy when you want to film as you fly under things, like bridges, eaves, rock formations, and trees.
  • The camera has a zoom lens! This, too, is a new idea. When you’re filming in high definition, you get a 2.8X zoom that doesn’t degrade the footage; in 4K, it’s a 1.3X zoom. The zoom is incredibly useful—you’ll use it all the time. It means that you can keep the drone far away and unobtrusive, but…

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