With an astonishing 6 billion mobile devices expected to be circulating worldwide by 2020, there’s an exceedingly good chance you have a smart something or other a few yards away right now. That also means you have access to the largest – and fastest-growing – segment of the gaming market.

But with hordes of mobile games arriving with little fanfare on a weekly basis, trying to figure out what, exactly, you should be playing on Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone or a Google-powered (GOOG, GOOGL) Android device is a daunting task. Still mindlessly crushing candy? Can’t stop sharing a few words with friends? Then put your thumbs to good use and try something new – like these 10 awesome, brand new titles:

‘Pokémon Quest’ (iOS, Android | Free)

‘Pokémon Quest’ is an even more laid back version of traditional ‘Pokémon’ games, which makes for a great mobile game.

Tired of walking into traffic while trying to capture that elusive Pelipper? Then “Pokémon Quest” is your new, significantly safer, mobile Pokémon option. Meander around Tumblecube Island collecting goodies, acquiring ingredients and, naturally, fighting critters. Its laid-back, idle play style is perfectly suited for younger gamers, though old-school Pokéfans may find its lack of tactical control a little off-putting. Still, it’s free, adorable, loaded with Pokémon and pretty gentle when it comes to asking for real-world cash.

‘Golf Club: Wasteland’ (iOS | $2.99)

Want to swing a nine iron across a post-apocalyptic hellscape? You’ve got it.

Earth is in ruins. The upside? The cracked freeway sliding into radioactive muck creates a lovely, sloping par 5. Help Martian explorers putt around on their former planet in this creative take on mobile golf. Beautiful, hand-animated visuals and a haunting original soundtrack make this a must-experience if you have any interest in slow-paced, thought-provoking, post-apocalyptic sports. Can this be the start of a new genre, please?


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