Apple (AAPL) CEO Tim Cook took the wraps off of the $1 trillion-company’s newest smartwatch on Wednesday. The Apple Watch Series 4, which goes on sale Sept. 21 starting at $399, is the first major upgrade to the device since it debuted in 2015.

The Watch now comes with larger displays, an electrocardiogram and a thinner body than the Series 3. But the one thing Apple didn’t improve was the Watch’s battery life. Still, for the average consumer, this is absolutely the Apple Watch to get.

Bigger screen, thinner body

For the Series 4, Apple has completely changed its case sizes. Previous Apple Watches were available in 38mm and 42mm sizes. I wear the 42mm Series 3 and it sits perfectly on my wrist. Now, however, Apple is offering the Apple Watch in 40mm ($399) and 44mm ($429). The Series 4 also has an edge-to-edge display, meaning there’s far more screen real estate.

Despite the increased sizes, the Series 4 still fits nicely. It didn’t feel much larger than the Series 3, but the 44mm’s screen looked far bigger than its predecessor’s. When I strapped the Series 4 to my wrist it felt like I was just wearing a screen, which is exactly what I’ve always wanted from a smartwatch.

Apple has put that larger screen to work, too, by creating new watch faces that support the Series 4’s edge-to-edge design. Now complications, such as heart rate, calendar and steps, curve around the screen’s corners.  The smaller screen on the older Watches made that impractical. Photos, something that you could already view on the Series 3, look far better on the Series 4 thanks to its increased display size, as well.

The Apple Watch Series 4 comes with a vibrant edge-to-edge display.

If you were holding out on the Apple Watch because you thought you wouldn’t be able to see anything on its relatively small screen, the Series 4 might be the solution. There’s so much information packed on the the display it’s incredible.

And yet, the Series 4’s body is thinner than last…

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