Get ready for another zombie attack as South Korean hit film Train To Busan confirmed on Monday (Aug 13) that a follow-up 2016 movie is in the works.

The sequel to the zombie action flick, which saw passengers in a moving train face-off against zombies, will reportedly be an extension of the first film and revisit the zombie outbreak that the original featured.

However, this time the film will focus on the whole country and how it deals with the aftermath of the apocalypse.

The sequel is currently using the working title of Bando, according to online reports, and hopes to start filming next year.

The original movie featured well-known actors like Gong Yoo, Ma Dong-seok, Jung Yu-mi in an ensemble performance. However, the sequel is not planning to bring back actors of the first film.

Train To Busan was a massive hit globally, breaking box-office records in Korea when it was released, drawing over 11 million viewers to the cinema.

In Singapore, the movie was the top-performing Asian movie for 2016, earning over $4.4 million a month into its release.

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