6 Aug – Hong Kong singer Cilla Kung assured that she is fine, following news that magnitude 6.4 earthquake recently hit the Indonesian island of Lombok.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who was in Bali an island a few hours away from the location of the tragedy, stated that she did feel the shock when the earthquake occurred.

“I couldn’t sleep well that night. I was lying in bed at around 7 in the morning and suddenly felt some vibrations, like I was on a massage chair. I thought I was imagining things when it happened. It wasn’t long, but I was perturbed by it,” she said.

Cilla said she wasn’t sure whether she should go out or just stay in the room, but was relieved when the tremor stopped.

“I found out that there were casualties in the earthquake. I hope the people in Bali will be safe,” she said, adding that it is the first time that she experienced such an incident.

The actress is currently still enjoying her retreat in Bali, saying that she will not travel around for her own safety.

(Photo Source: Cilla Kung Instagram)

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