The start of the spring selling season is a risky time for a recreational vehicle manufacturer like Winnebago (NYSE: WGO), as its new lineup of products meets its first big test with consumers. On top of that challenge, the RV giant had to deal with spiking raw material costs that threatened to hurt profitability.

Winnebago overcame those issues to post healthy growth in sales and profits in its most recent quarterly report. Following the announcement, CEO Michael Happe and his executive team held a conference call with Wall Street analysts to put the results in perspective and detail their latest thinking on the fiscal year trends. Here are a few highlights from that presentation.

A motorized home driving down the road.

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Building more towables

We continue to see growth in the overall towables RV market and are pleased that Winnebago Industries continues to take both retail and wholesale market share with both of our brands. Our confidence in our performance is reflected in our capacity expansion efforts.
— CEO Michael Happe

The towable RV segment powered Winnebago’s market-thumping growth this quarter, with deliveries up 31% to 2.3 million. The demand was broad-based, management said, and lifted both the Winnebago brand and the recently acquired Grand Design portfolio. These products generate far higher profit margins, too, which helps explain why gross profit is up to 14.6% of sales over the last nine months, from 13.6% in the prior-year period.

Executives said they see no impending slowdown and in fact noted that challenges are on the supply side of the equation right now. That’s why the company is aggressively expanding capacity, including by launching expansion projects in both the Winnebago and Grand Design production lines this quarter.

Motorized challenges

We remain laser-focused on addressing the challenges facing our motorized business and continuing to make the foundational improvements to enhance our overall product portfolio…

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